The Working Writers Series continues...

This fall, Ink Well Vancouver is all about plot! Have you ever written half a story, only to find yourself in a wilderness of rising action with no climax in sight? These workshops will lead you out of the woods and safely to your denouement. We’ve created three fun, interactive sessions focusing on different aspects of structure and plot development. Sign up for one, two, or all three classes. (For participants of all three, we’re offering a bonus manuscript consultation — details below!) Whether you’re a published author or an emerging writer, you’ll discover lots of new tricks, tips, and techniques.

Building Blocks of Plot: Conflict and Tension  

Sunday September 23, 9:15 to 11:45 am

Location: Kitsilano Neighbourhood House (2305 W 7th Ave, Vancouver)

Raise the stakes of your story, amp up the pressure, and torture your characters. The goals of this workshop may sound a bit macabre, but the results will be worth it! Cranking up the conflict in your story — in carefully crafted ways — will keep your readers turning pages long after bedtime. Together, we’ll examine time-honoured methods of creating conflict, try our hands at some new ones, and discuss less recognized ways (subtext, anyone?) to build tension in children’s books.  

Cost: $60.00.


Building Blocks of Plot: Scenes that sizzle  

Sunday October 28, 9:15 to 11:45 am

Location: Kitsilano Neighbourhood House (2305 W 7th Ave, Vancouver)

Whether you’re writing an early reader, a chapter book, or a young-adult novel, building great scenes is vital. So what are the components of a strong, compelling scene? Through famous examples, writing activities, and group discussion, we’ll explore ways to develop character, establish voice, and propel your story forward. 

Cost: $60.00.


Building Blocks of Plot: The arc  

Sunday November 18, 9:15 to 11:45 am

Location: Kitsilano Neighbourhood House (2305 W 7th Ave, Vancouver)

Hero’s journey? Twenty-two story steps? Something about a cat that needs saving? There are countless plotting methods out there. In this workshop, we’ll explore the ones that work best in children’s books. We’ll figure out how to choose the right plot form for each project. Then, even the “pantsers” among us will try our hands at plotting a story!

Cost: $60.00.


Manuscript consultation

As a bonus for those who sign up for all three of our fall sessions, we’re offering a 20-page manuscript consultation. Email us your work, and we’ll meet you after a Sunday workshop to offer personal feedback, suggestions for polishing your work, and maybe even steps you can take toward publication. We’d love to work with you! 


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